Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Perfect Exercise Food...

I've struggled with what food to use to maintain energy during long runs/rides. I can't carry enough Gatorade on a bike to provide substantial caloric benefits and I don't really care for the texture of PowerGels. So, I thought "what is small, full of energy, individually wrapped, and tasty?" and I came up with none other than the BEST CANDY IN THE WORLD: Sesame Crunch.

I've always loved Sesame Crunch. It's the BEST CANDY IN THE WORLD. Don't bother arguing with me on this. If you disagree--you're wrong. The problem is it's hard to find and prohibitively expensive even when you do manage to find it (upwards of $10/lb at botique candy shops in malls). So I did an Internet search and found a place that would sell it to me for $1.50/lb. But they did have a minimum order size restriction, but that's no big deal:

So I'll keep a handful of these babies in my cycling jersey pouch. I just have to figure out how many calories per candy and I'm in business!!

NOTE: I went on a bike ride during "lunch" today (I work at home and my employer lets me be somewhat flexible with my schedule so long as I get stuff done and put in the time--i.e. late nights, early mornings, and weekends). Anyway, at the 10 mile mark my BESC* average speed was a paltry 16mph. At that point I took a quick break to down a handful of the UNDISPUTED BEST CANDY IN THE WORLD. That's right: 100 calories of pure, magical Sesame Crunch.

Every 5 miles or so I ate another Crunch or two--which is easily possible while riding full speed due to the genius of their individual packaging. The result: at the 40 mile point my AESC* average was up to 17.4mph and I had fuel left in the tank.

Oh yeah baby, that's all the proof you doubters need. The only question now is why I only ordered 20 pounds.

* BESC = Before Eating Sesame Crunch
* AESC = After Eating Sesame Crunch


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What the heck is sesame crunch??? :)

July 11, 2006 6:03 PM  

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