Saturday, March 04, 2006

The problem with riding through town...

I'm trying to get my butt into shape for the upcoming Cactus Hugger 100-miler so I went on a long ride today--my longest ever in fact. I went from our house to my wife's sister's house (almost exactly 70 miles via back roads).

The thing about riding around here is that although there are no real "climbs" per se, it's all rolling hills so it's hard to get into a good long TT-style rythmn. For the first two-thirds of the ride I was on a fabulous highway for biking: almost no stoplights. The latter third of the ride was less fun because I was going through downtown Fayetteville and there were lots of stoplights. Plus I missed my turn and had to wander around a while and--GASP!--ask directions.

Anyway, it's sorta frustrating having to stop-start-stop-start-stop-start on a bike, especially in traffic. But it was a fun ride none-the-less. Here's my speed graph and you can see all of the stops in the latter part of the ride (as well as the area from miles 55-60 where I was trying to figure out how to get back on course).

BTW, it was cold and windy again and I was glad I had extra-warm gloves, two long-sleeve jerseys and some leggings. On Tuesday it was 78 degrees. Today it was 34 degrees when I took my son to soccer.


Blogger Flatman said...

What kind of cyclo-computer are you using to produce this graph???

July 11, 2006 6:07 PM  

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