Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Does this guy look like a Dork to you?

Let me ask you something... Does this man look like a dork to you? I mean just what exactly is that black bib he's wearing and WHY WOULD HE WEAR SOMETHING LIKE THAT? A year into my cycling hobby, not only am am I not asking that question anymore but I'm now actually wearing goofy stuff like this:

When I first started cycling last year it took me a while to get used to the funny clown clothes everyone wore (weird clickety-clack shoes, tight lycra shorts, comically colorful shirts and socks, zany helmets). If you're not a cyclist you know what I mean: you pull up to a stoplight and you see a guy next to you standing over a bike wearing an outfit that makes you say "wow, he sure must be comfortable with his sexuality!" Yet after a month of cycling, I grew accustomed to the outfits and it all started to seem fairly normal to me. But I'll confess I still wasn't prepared for the shock of seeing my dad walk into the kitchen one morning wearing nothing but a pair of those funky bibs as we got ready for a planned long ride. The exact words out of my mouth (albeit under my breath) were "You have got to be kidding me. Dad, what are you wearing and why?"

A year later, I own two pair of those funky bib-looking tight thingies and wish I had a few more. Why? Because they are extremely comfortable while riding long distances, surprisingly more comfortable than the tight shorts that I regularly wear and, frankly, I'm comfortable with my sexuality. I must be.


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