Saturday, February 03, 2007

39.06 Seconds of Pure Joy

No, I'm not talking about my first love experience.

I'm talking about today's Wake County Speedway Class C criterium. Coming out of (not into) turn 4 on the VERY FIRST LAP some guy apparently decided to hit the brakes (???) and took out about 10 people in his wake. I was able to slow down enough that I thought I'd avoid the carnage but in the end I could not avoid it and went down. I was fine but the big chainring was bent and so my day was done.

There was another accident later in this same spot so maybe the guy hit his brakes due to slippage or something. The "Crash 5s" lived up to their reputation today, although it looked from the sidelines like a great race other than the crashes. A couple of guys lapped the field and there would have been plenty of opportunities to work a break with teammates and/or others today. Bummer.

The power numbers (ha ha ha):

Time: 39.06 seconds
Distance: 0.205 miles
Ave power: 288 watts
Ave speed: 19.8 mph

At least I can laugh about it, I guess. And it counts just as much as a win toward being able to race in Masters events although I will probably wait until I have 10 finishes before upgrading to a Cat4.


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