Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day Solo Century

I missed a turn during my planned 80-miler today and decided to turn into a solo century. I'm a Father and this is my day to do what I want, ferhecksakes!

I had participated in a couple of supported century events previously but this was my first solo stab at it. A bit too warm and windy for my tastes, but it will only get hotter around here so I might as well get used to it. Fortunately, not much climbing (only about 3500 feet of ascent). I stopped at a couple of gas stations along the way to refuel which worked out well. I felt hydrated and fueled the whole way but I did start getting tired toward the end mostly because I ended up picking up speed along the way. Seems like I always start my endurance rides with the goal of going nice and easy and then end up going harder than I am supposed to. Oh well.

Anyway, 100.0 miles, 5 hours 25 minutes saddle time. Averaged 17.5 mph for the first 2 hours and about 19 mph or so the rest of the way. Fun stuff and the makings of a great Fathers Day tradition.


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